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What's New in v0.5.6

Hamza Tahir
Dec 23, 2021
1 Min Read

Last updated: November 3, 2022.

This release fixes some known bugs from previous releases and especially 0.5.5. Therefore, upgrading to 0.5.6 is a breaking change. You must do the following in order to proceed with this version:

cd zenml_enabled_repo
rm -rf .zen/

And then start again with ZenML init:

pip install --upgrade zenml
zenml init

New Features

  • Added zenml example run [EXAMPLE_RUN_NAME] feature: The ability to run an example with one command. In order to run this, do zenml example pull first and see all examples available by running zenml example list.
  • Added ability to specify a .dockerignore file before running pipelines on Kubeflow.
  • Kubeflow Orchestrator is now leaner and faster.
  • Added the describe command group to the CLI for groups stack, orchestrator, artifact-store, and metadata-store. E.g. zenml stack describe

Bug fixes and minor improvements

  • Adding StepContext to a branch now invalidates caching by default. Disable explicitly with enable_cache=True.
  • Docs updated to reflect minor changes in CLI commands.
  • CLI list commands now mentions active component. Try zenml stack list to check this out.
  • zenml version now has cooler art.

ZenML 0.5.6 is jam-packed with new features to take your ML pipelines to the next level. In this blog post we will highlight our three biggest new features: Kubeflow Pipelines, CLI support for our integrations and Standard Interfaces. That’s right, Standard Interfaces are back!

For a detailed look at what’s changed, give our full release notes a glance.

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