Start local, run anywhere

ZenML abstracts away the infrastructure complexity that is necessary to transition machine learning to production. Simply run and test pipelines locally, and with one command, run the same pipelines on the cloud. No more docker or secret management headaches.

pip install is all you need

ZenML is available as a simple pip package that lets you run and track pipelines locally
Define infrastructure as stack components independent of your code
Run any code on any stack with minimum fuss
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Dashboard mockup

Connect your infrastructure securely

Use connectors to establish a secure and easy connection to your production infrastructure.
Keeps the complexity of authentication and authorization away from your code.
Deploy MLOps infrastructure with one command using stack recipes.

Production-ready from Day 0

ZenML tracks everything required to reproduce local environment in production — data, pip dependencies, configs, you name it.
Bring your own secret backend and manage all your secrets securely in one place.
Let ZenML handle the pain of packaging your code into docker images ready for production.
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Gabriel Martin

ZenML allows you to keep your ML pipeline code cloud-agnostic, enabling faster future migrations to another technology stack. The management of the metadata and artifacts generated at each step is seamless, and allows the user to extend the framework if needed without much effort.

Gabriel Martin
Machine Learning Engineer at Frontiers
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