Nothing Beats an Unbeatable Team

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.
The ZenML team in front of Odeonzplatz Munich Germany

Our company

We're a young, dynamic team spread out across the world. We welcome people from all backgrounds, disciplines, and cultures. Apply now to be part of a growing, open source startup! You can work with us either remotely, or join us at our beautiful office @ Schellingstraße, Munich. Or just catch us on a sailing boat at Ammersee or grilling in the Englischer Garten!

Challenge Everything

Embrace change and always improve
  • Never settle for the status quo
  • Seek feedback to improve yourself
  • Minimize complexity and simplify where possible


Understand your peers and stay candid
  • Everyone deserves your patience
  • Listen, understand, acknowledge and assist
  • Communicate thoughts for the betterment of the company & peers

Be Efficient

Fail fast and learn even faster
  • Set goals and iterate approach
  • Don’t do everything, do what needs to be done
  • Failure is no sign of weakness - only not learning from it is

Enable Others

Enable and motivate others to bring their A-game
  • Overcome bias, utilize diversity
  • Support others taking risks and collaborate
  • Distribute relevant information proactively

Be Honest

Provide candid feedback and own your actions
  • Give feedback early, often, and candidly
  • Take responsibility for failures transparently and proactively
  • Don’t judge the failures of others - aid in learning from them

Meet the team

Adam Probst
  • Head of Life-Life-Balance.
  • Sailing yacht office facility manager.
  • California classic car importer in charge.
Hamza Tahir
  • Has non-artificial intelligence.
  • Musicaly impaired (redeems himself by playing guitar).
  • Loves to cook (but eating is preferred).
Barış Can Durak
ML Engineer
  • Lets the tensors hit the flow.
  • VP of Caffeination.
  • Brings the meme into the team.
Alex Strick van Linschoten
ML Engineer
  • Lives for 100+ random character passwords.
  • Feeder of cats.
  • Loves learning (human) languages.
Michael Schuster
ML Engineer
  • Looking for a coworking space in the mountains.
  • Will beat you in chess (unless you’re good at chess).
  • Loves spicy food.
Alexej Penner
ML Engineer
  • Amateur Squirrel Foster Parent.
  • Avid watcher of French Cooking Shows (understanding every fifth word).
  • Airplane- and Hospital food aficionado.
Stefan Nica
ML Engineer
  • Lurks in the dark side of the theme space.
  • Has on occasion been seen using his neural net.
  • Will automate himself out of existence.
Jayesh Sharma
Junior Platform Engineer
  • Will make sure *every*thing is aligned and organized.
  • Occasionally tries transfer-learning across domains.
  • Loves collecting experiences; all of them.
Safoine El Khabich
Junior MLOps Engineer
  • Exploring tech through wormholes.
  • Tidy laptop, messy desktop is my life slogan.
  • Loves '3 plus mixte flavors' food.
Julian Karl
Frontend Engineer
  • is hyped about a new JS-Framework every week
  • doesn't turn coffee into code
Zuri Negrín
Senior Product Designer
  • Design system fanatic
  • Perpetual learner and researcher, soaking up knowledge daily
  • Roller coaster adrenaline enthusiast
Andrei Vishniakov
Senior ML Engineer
  • Runs for a better future
  • Too lazy not to automate everything
  • Offers private guided Döner tours in Berlin
Yagmur Ay
Founder Associate Intern
  • Enjoys writing poems
  • Curious about everything related to biology and physics
  • Unpaid psychological consultant
Atzin Escandia
Senior Frontend Engineer
  • Big fan of weight-lifting, healthy food and specialty coffee.
  • Your reliable developer for skincare routines and curly method.
  • Always in charge of margaritas and Mexican food.