How Brevo accelerated model development by 80% using ZenML

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  • Brevo, formerly known as Sendinblue, leads in leveraging machine learning to enhance email marketing services and streamline operations.
  • To refine their offerings and address scaling challenges, they integrated ZenML to optimize their ML integrations.
  • Post-integration, their ML deployment time has decreased by 80%.
  • They've achieved significant outcomes: 5 models in production, improved fraud targeting, heightened customer satisfaction, and reduced workload.
  • They've enhanced team productivity and enabled end-to-end ownership.

The Challenge: Overcoming Scalability and Efficiency Hurdles

At the beginning of their MLOps adoption journey, Brevo's ML landscape was fraught with challenges that hampered its ability to fully leverage the power of machine learning:

  • Limited Monitoring and Impact Visibility
    Hindered performance insights and customer impact assessment due to absence of effective monitoring.
  • Isolated Development and Deployment
    Lack of cohesion in deployment strategies due ML models operated in silos.
  • Slow Development Cycle
    Delayed business value realization due to month-long development-to-deployment process.

“After a benchmark on several solutions, we choose ZenML for its stack flexibility and its incremental process. We started from small local pipelines and gradually created more complex production ones. It was very easy to adopt.”

Clément Depraz - Data Scientist at Brevo
Clément Depraz
Data Scientist at Brevo

The ZenML Advantage

Brevo's transition to ZenML marked a pivotal shift in how they approached machine learning. ZenML offered a suite of features that directly addressed Brevo's challenges.

Homogeneity of Infrastructure & Centralization

Brevo deployed models using various tools within Google Cloud Platform (GCP): Vertex AI, BigQuery ML, and potentially Cloud Function. Despite their unique features, ZenML unified these tools for data scientists, maintaining agility and speed.

Homogeneity of Infrastructure & Centralization

ZenML provided a unified experience layer for the data scientists to leverage each individual service, without losing their agility and speed.

Incremental deployment

ZenML provided the flexibility to begin with a compact pipeline operating on a local scale, ensuring detailed inspection of every phase up to a full-scale production pipeline scheduled on the cloud. This incremental approach offers a multitude of possibilities, encouraging experimentation, testing, and evolution of the pipeline.

Incremental deployment

Reliable ML models that are reproducible and auditable

Adopting ZenML ensures reliable, reproducible, and auditable ML models with strong data and model versioning, guaranteeing robustness, efficiency, and full traceability. Brevo gained clear insights into model performance, data usage, and experiment outcomes, reducing troubleshooting time with complete model lineage for review.

Reliable ML models that are reproducible and auditable

The Results: A Leap in Operational Efficiency and Market Reach

Brevo's adoption of ZenML yielded significant improvements across their ML operations and business outcomes:

  • Increased Model Efficiency
    With 5 models now in production, Brevo improved fraud targeting, boosted customer satisfaction and reduced workload.
Model efficiency
  • Automated Delivery & Faster Time-to-Market
    ZenML drastically reduced ML lifecycles from months to days with its automation capabilities, enabling rapid response to market needs.
Days to develop a model
  • Enhanced Team Productivity
    The collaborative features and automation provided by ZenML have streamlined the workflow, allowing the team to focus more on innovation rather than operational overheads.
  • End-to-end ownership
    A team of 3 data scientists can independently and autonomously deploy a new ML use-case in a matter of days, all the way from research to production.

The Business Impact: Transforming Email Marketing with AI

ZenML not only optimized Brevo's ML operations but also revolutionized their business:

  • Improved Customer Engagement
    ML-driven insights boosted email marketing effectiveness.
  • Operational Efficiency
    Automation reduced time and resource requirements, optimizing resource allocation.
  • Market Competitiveness
    ZenML's rapid deployment capabilities positioned Brevo as an email marketing leader.

“ZenML has been instrumental in becoming a safer platform, fighting against fraudsters and scammers. It has empowered us to deliver efficient insights to our marketing and sales teams and contribute to overall improvements.”

Clément Depraz - Data Scientist at Brevo
Clément Depraz
Data Scientist at Brevo

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