ZenML vs Experiment Trackers

More Than an Experiment Tracker

ZenML vs MLflow, Weights & Biases, Neptune AI and more
Understand how ZenML stands apart from traditional experiment trackers

Pipelines as experiments

ZenML is built on top of the idea of steps and pipelines, which play together nicely with experiment tracking tools.
Experiment tracking tools like MLflow are good to track your training runs and hyperparameters while pipelines automate runs.
ZenML is a management layer on top of your ML experiments, and manages their lifecycle within the context of a pipeline.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Connect your experiment trackers with your infrastructure securely

ZenML connectors can be used to establish a secure connection to your production infrastructure with your experiment tracker.
Keeps the complexity of authentication and authorization away from your code.
ZenML estabilishes a link between your experiment trackers and your entire MLOps process.

Provide lineage and provenance for your experiments

Experiment trackers focus mostly on training - while MLOps stretches beyond that.
ZenML provides an overview of the entire process from feature engineering, to training, to deployment, inference and beyond.
ZenML can be paired nicely with experiment trackers to provide full reproducibility and audability over multiple tracking tools.
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"ZenML allows you to quickly and responsibly go from POC to production ML systems while enabling reproducibility, flexibility, and above all, sanity"

Goku Mohandas
Goku Mohandas
Founder of MadeWithML
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