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12 mins

The Ultimate Guide to LLM Batch Inference with OpenAI and ZenML

OpenAI's Batch API allows you to submit queries for 50% of what you'd normally pay. Not all their models work with the service, but in many use cases this will save you lots of money on your LLM inference, just so long as you're not building a chatbot!
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5 mins

The struggles of defining a Machine Learning Pipeline

On the difficulties in precisely defining a machine learning pipeline, exploring how code changes, versioning, and naming conventions complicate the concept in MLOps frameworks like ZenML.
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4 mins

Reflections on working with 100s of ML Platform teams

Exploring the evolution of MLOps practices in organizations, from manual processes to automated systems, covering aspects like data science workflows, experiment tracking, code management, and model monitoring.
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1 min

How to use ZenML and DBT together

How to use ZenML and dbt together, all powered by ZenML's built-in success hooks that run whenever your pipeline successfully completes.
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2 mins

Building and Optimizing RAG Pipelines: Data Preprocessing, Embeddings, and Evaluation with ZenML

We dive deep into the world of Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) pipelines and how ZenML can streamline your RAG workflows.
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Newsletter Edition #4 - Learnings from Building with LLMs

Today, we're back to LLM land (Not too far from Lalaland). Not only do we have a new LoRA + Accelerate-powered finetuning pipeline for you, we're also hosting a RAG themed webinar.
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4 mins

Bigger Isn't Always Better: The Case for RAG in the Age of Infinite Context

Context windows in large language models are getting super big, which makes you wonder if Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) systems will still be useful. But even with unlimited context windows, RAG systems are likely here to stay because they're simple, efficient, flexible, and easy to understand.
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