ZenML vs Orchestrators

More Than an Orchestrator

ZenML vs Airflow, Kubeflow, Kedro and more
Understand how ZenML stands apart from traditional orchestrators
ZenML isn't your typical orchestrator. It's a comprehensive MLOps framework designed for ML Engineers and Data scientists to accelerate enhance ML workflow development without the constraints of traditional orchestrators. Let's explore how ZenML stands apart.

Start locally without complicated setup hassle

ZenML is available as a simple pip package that lets you run and track pipelines locally.
ZenML integrates with your orchestration layer of choice, avoiding having to learn different paradigms for dev, staging, and prod.
ZenML integrates with your orchestration layer of choice or can be extended with your own orchestration service.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Abstract away infrastructure complexity

Most orchestrators assume some form of infrastructure knowledge to use them maximally - ZenML abstracts that complexity away.
ZenML seperates infrastructure setup like Docker building from the application logic, and automates the tedious parts.
ZenML focuses on the handovers between MLOps Engineers, ML Engineers, and Data Scientists.

Switch between orchestrators depending your context

You can switch between different orchestration services with a single click - from dev to staging to production.
The more engineering-minded in the team still retain control over their productionalization because the framework is extensible.
ZenML handles the pain of packaging your code into docker to be deployed to your orchestration service of choice.
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"ZenML allows orchestrating ML pipelines independent of any infrastructure or tooling choices. ML teams can free their minds of tooling FOMO from the fast-moving MLOps space, with the simple and extensible ZenML interface. No more vendor lock-in, or massive switching costs!".

Richard Socher
Richard Socher
Former Chief Scientist Salesforce and Founder of You.com

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