Summarize Articles with ZenNews

11 Jan 2022
5 min read

Last updated: February 24, 2023


This project focuses on ZenNews, a tool powered by ZenML that can automate the summarization of news sources. At its core, it utilizes a simple pipeline with three steps. In the correct order, these steps collect articles from news sources, generate summaries of them, and report the results.

The tool also comes equipped with a CLI application. By simply using the command zennews, users can run their summarization pipeline with their desired configuration.

Use case

ZenNews can be used to distill complex or lengthy content into easily digestible chunks that can be scanned and absorbed quickly, allowing you to keep up with the news without being overwhelmed.

Stack and Components

This project uses the following two stacks:

Default Local Stack:

Remote Stack with Scheduled Pipelines:

Keep in mind that the project can run on any remote stack as long as the corresponding orchestrator supports scheduling (via cron expressions like Vertex).


The code to reproduce this project are on the open-source ZenML Project repository on GitHub. View the code here.

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