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Pipeline Conversations: Our New Podcast

Adam Probst
Nov 19, 2021
1 Min Read

Last updated: October 17, 2022.

This first episode of Pipeline Conversations is the kick-off for a series of talks in the broader Machine Learning Start-Up Space. Our goal is not to promote any product or company but to discuss and also educate the community on different topics. We will invite thought leaders in the MLOps space, talk about how to build an open-source startup in public, and also the biggest challenges in Machine Learning. There won’t be a strict script and our guests will mainly determine the content.

Alex Strick van Linschoten is the initiator and host of Pipeline Conversations. He’s a musician by heart, holds PhD in history, wrote several books about his research before he got into coding and Machine Learning. His background will give a different perspective to the upcoming talks and we are super excited to have him building ZenML with us!

This episode is an introduction to ZenML and its founders, Hamza and myself. We talk about our passion, our journey of how we met, what we initially wanted to build and how we ended up starting ZenML in the MLOps space.

Adam and Hamza

Adam & Hamza

We address questions on every level: What is MLOps? Why is this not solved already? Aren’t there a ton of MLOps Tools out there already? Where is it coming from? Who will need it? Where do we envision ZenML to be and what are the next steps getting there? We’re talking about the movement to standardization, best practices in ML, the right level of abstraction and ZenML as the Autobahn of ML tooling.

The next episode will be with a “real” guest. We already have a long list but would love to hear your recommendations. Send us a mail to Stay tuned!

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