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Podcast: ML Engineering with Ben Wilson

Alex Strick van Linschoten
Jun 8, 2022
1 Min Read

Last updated: June 10, 2022.

We took a few weeks break to reach out to some new guests and so I think we can go so far as declaring this next series of episodes as season 2 of Pipeline Conversations.

Today, I’m extremely excited to present this conversation I had with Ben Wilson who works over at Databricks and who has also just released a new book called ‘Machine Learning Engineering in Action’. It’s a jam-backed guide to all the lessons that Ben has learned over his years working to help companies get models out into the world and run them in production.

I was really lucky to get to talk to Ben about his new book and also about the mental models he thinks are useful to bring to bear on this complicated problem many of us are working on.

In this clip, Ben speaks about the importance of having a diverse team in terms of speeding up your ability to solve problems and to handle tasks that require more creativity:

We also talk about why he spent so many pages of his book writing about the non-technical aspects of MLOps.

As always, full show notes and links are available on our dedicated podcast page.

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