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Podcast: ML Monitoring with Emeli Dral

Alex Strick van Linschoten
Jul 7, 2022
1 Min Read

Last updated: July 7, 2022.

I’ll be having some conversations with the people behind the tools that ZenML offers as integrations. We spoke with Ben Wilson a few weeks back, and today I’m pleased to publish this conversation with Emeli Dral, co-founder and CTO of Evidently, an open-source tool tackling the problem of monitoring of models and data for machine learning.

We discussed the challenges around building a tool that is both straightforward to use while also customizable and powerful. We also got into the thinking behind how they grew their community and blog along the way.

For information on the ZenML integration with Evidently, check out the blog we previously published on this as well as our drift detection example that’s ready to try out.

As always, full show notes and links are available on our dedicated podcast page.

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