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We're Revving Up ZenML: Exciting News and What It Means for You

Hamza Tahir & Adam Probst
Oct 23, 2023
3 mins

We've got some news that we're really excited to share. We've just secured an additional $3.7M in funding, bringing our total Seed Round to an awesome $6.4M. This extension is led by the leading European VC, Point Nine with follow-on from our existing investor Crane. Joining the investment round are noteworthy figures such as D.Sculley, CEO of Kaggle, Harold Giménez, SVP R&D at Hashicorp, and Luke de Oliveira, ex-Director of Machine Learning at Twilio. This isn't just a win for us; it's a win for everyone who believes in making MLOps simpler, more flexible, and 100% more robust.

Solving the Real MLOps Headaches (We've Been There)

Let’s get real. Machine learning is fantastic, but implementing and maintaining it in production can be tough, to say the least. Whether it's vendor lock-in, high costs, or tools that don't play nicely together, the list of obstacles can get long. That's where ZenML comes in. We’re in this game to streamline your MLOps life, giving you more time to focus on what really matters: creating and providing the foundation for you to create and deploy valuable and useful machine learning models.

Being named one of Germany’s 20 most promising AI startups and the exponential growth we've seen in our usage has validated the approach that we’re taking to how organizations put their models into production. In a rapidly evolving ML landscape, ZenML aims to be your constant ally, adapting to change as swiftly as you do. Switch between AWS, GCP, or Azure seamlessly, and make the most of our ever-expanding integrations—now including our revamped mlstacks package, built for greater cloud autonomy. ZenML isn't just a tool; it's an evolving ecosystem designed to stay one step ahead of your ML operations needs.

What this funding means: ZenML Cloud and Beyond

Securing this latest funding round, led by Point Nine, is like strapping a rocket to ZenML. It's fuel for the exciting journey ahead. What's on the horizon, you ask? Well, we're rolling out ZenML Cloud. It's our managed service designed to meet the nuanced, and sometimes gnarly, needs of ML teams like yours. We’ve got some industry greats joining us on this adventure, and that means more expertise in our corner.

ZenML Cloud isn’t your run-of-the-mill service; it’s an upgrade with bells and whistles. We’re talking features like Single Sign-on (SSO), Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), and CI/CD integrations. But don't worry, we're staying true to our open-source roots, ensuring that ZenML Cloud complements, rather than overshadows, our core offering. Development continues on our core open-source framework – itself used within ZenML Cloud – and we’re currently working on some big updates to how models and data are handled throughout the full ML lifecycle that you’ll get to use soon!

Shoutout to Our Current ZenML Superstars

Our journey wouldn't be as fun without you, our users. Big names like Rivian, Playtika, and Leroy Merlin are already flexing their MLOps muscle using ZenML. And we're humbled by the sheer variety of ways you all are applying ZenML to make ML workflows smarter and smoother.

We're also buoyed by all the open-source contributions we receive, from the small bug fixes to bigger features, as well as all the suggestions on ways we can grow and make the core framework as versatile as it can possibly be.

Ready to See ZenML in Action?

We love meeting fellow MLOps enthusiasts. So why not book a demo or, even better, meet us in person at the MLOpsWorld conference in Austin, TX, this week? We can’t wait to show you what ZenML is all about.

We’re pumped to keep pushing the boundaries of what MLOps can be. With your support and this new round of funding, the sky's the limit for ZenML. Here's to a future filled with smarter, more flexible MLOps solutions!

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