Standardized and reproducible ML development

Writing ZenML pipelines automatically enforces best practices in a non-invasive manner across your entire team — no matter their software engineering experience.

Standardized templates with best practices baked in

Organize steps and pipelines in separate modules that can be tested independently.
Create standard templates that serve as a starting point for your entire team.
Ensure high-quality codebase with easy CI/CD .
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Automated metadata tracking ensuring fully reproducibility

Track all parameters and artifacts flowing through pipelines across your team.
Utilize smart caching to save on computation costs.
Reproduce all results at any time by going back in history.

Data Versioning & Lineage

A single beautiful interface for all your ML workflows.
Bake data versioning into your development workflow — no manual overhead.
Clearly see which data trained what model, leading to which model deployments.
Dashboard mockup
Liza Bykhanova

ZenML makes switching between the development and production environments as painless as running several straightforward CLI commands. A wide range of available integrations allows us to build pipelines following all the best MLOps practices with ease. Alongside a truly satisfying UI/UX design and a promising roadmap, this makes ZenML a good choice as an MLOps platform for building production-ready pipelines.

Liza Bykhanova
Data Scientist

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