Great Expectations
ZenML makes it really simple to integrate Great Expectations into the pipeline workflows by automatically configuring Great Expectations to use the Artifact Store in the active stack to store the Data Context and all its related data.

Validate Data with Great Expectations

The ZenML Great Expectations integration eliminates the complexity associated with configuring the store backends for Great Expectations by reusing our Artifact Store concept for that purpose and gives ZenML users immediate access to Great Expectations in both local and cloud settings. ZenML also includes materializers for Expectation Suites and Checkpoint Results and two builtin pipeline steps: ➜ a Great Expectations profiler that can be used to automatically generate Expectation Suites from input datasets ➜ a Great Expectations validator that uses an existing Expectation Suite to validate an input dataset Expectation Suites and Validation Results produced by ZenML can be visualized locally with the use of a Great Expectation ZenML Visualizer.
Great Expectations

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